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Frequent Questions

Do you sell raw milk?

No. Our farm does not sell raw milk or any other raw dairy products. What our farm does is sell shares of dairy cows to people in order for them to obtain their own raw milk from their own cow. This is called a Cow-Share or Herd-Share

What is a Cow Share?

A Cow Share is a fraction of a real cow. In North Carolina, it is currently not legal to sell raw milk or products made from raw milk. However, it is legal to buy your own cow, or share in a cow (called cow-share or herd-share), and to consume the milk and other products coming from your cow. A contract between the farmer and the owner of the cow arranges for the cow's boarding at the farm and the owner is supplied with milk from their own cow. This practice is referred to as a cow-share program.

Can I have my milk delivered?

At the present time, each owner's milk with be available for pick-up on the farm. If the sale of Cow-shares increases, we will eventually like to provide the option for delivery.

How do you collect and store the milk?

The cows are milked twice each day in a double four (4) parlor with automated milkers. The system is washed and sanitized before and after each milking. Once the cow is milked, the milk is pumped into a stainless tank and cooled to 40 degrees within an hour of milking. That is where it is stored and cooled until being bottled and placed in a cooler. Milk is tested weekly to ensure quality and herd health. We believe that cows should be allowed to live on pasture in an environment that will ensure good health and quality milk.

What breed of cow will I be buying?

Sykes Family Farm milks Jersey cows that give us the best cream. The cream enables your body to benefit from more
of the vitamins and minerals in the milk. When allowed to
sit undisturbed, the cream will rise to the top and can be skimmed for fresh cream, butter, whipped cream, and ice cream.

Do you have A2 milk?

Yes! Jersey cows carry the A2 gene which would give the A2 milk.

What is A2 milk?

A2 milk is growing in popularity for its ease of digestion and different protein makeup.  Because A2 milk has a different protein structure, some people who are sensitive to milk react less severely or not at all to A2 milk. Customers have reported feeling 80% better on A2 milk when they were reacting to regular A1 milk. If you are sensitive to dairy, try A2 for a while to see if that helps. Most lactose-intolerant people do not react even to the unpasteurized A1 milk.

What do you feed your dairy cows

Our cows are grass-fed with hay supplement throughout the year. In the Winter and Spring, the cows feed on annual ryegrass to graze. We plant other grasses in the Spring to graze throughout the Summer. Cows are also offered free choice minerals that are vital for their good health and productivity

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