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Become a Cow Share Member and get Fresh Milk  Every Week!

How it Works:

1.  An annual  $150 non-refundable  fee is required to buy into the herd.  This entitles you to buy shares (1) share=  (1) gallon of raw milk for $10 or (1/2) gallon for $7 or Yogurt.  The cost of each share pays the farmer for boarding, caring for, and milking your cow.  Your share can be picked up at the farm.   Payments are required in  advance each month. An invoice will be emailed to you at the beginning of each month . 


2.  When you pay the annual buy-in fee, you will be required to sign a Cow-Share Agreement and Application , which will be emailed to you.


3.  Start enjoying your fresh milk and yogurt!

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